How It All Started

Every day I take my two dogs down to the beach and every day I pick up the discarded litter. I take it home and recycle the various items. One day in June, I was on my local beach Whistling Sands and came across a sea bird called a Manx Shearwater that was obviously struggling as it lay on the sand. As I approached, I could see it couldn't move its head properly. Upon closer inspection I could see that a plastic ring had got tangled there.
I quickly picked the bird up and with a little pen knife I cut the ring away. The bird was very frail and very weak because the ring had stopped it from being able to feed. I gently gathered it up and the dogs and I rushed back to the car.

I called the RSPB and they advised I took it to the vets. I placed the distressed bird in a box and on some blankets. I arrived at the vets and handed over the box and there was a loud noise as the small bird flapped its wing in distress. Then all fell silent. Due to the lack of food and the stress, the poor thing had died. I stood in shock and shed a tear for this little bird who had got entangled with litter left by someone, litter that if it had been disposed of properly wouldn’t have caused its death.

Later that day and still feeling sad for what had happened, I came across a video of a whale that had come into a port. The harbour master and local fishermen were trying to push it out to sea but the whale just wasn’t budging. They had to shoot the whale and then, when they hauled its body up on to the deck and cut it open, they found the whale’s stomach packed with plastic bags. This was yet another episode of man’s damage to the wildlife because of our littering.

The following day I took my dogs down to Hell’s Mouth beach and noticed the amount of litter gathering on this iconic beach and how many people were walking off the beach empty handed. With recent events still so clear in my mind, I realised I had to do something about it and this is when the initiative #5ThingsClear was born.

I chose the name 5 Things because with so much litter it can be stressful thinking we have to clear it all up. But if we all joined in then 5 things per person per day can so easily become 100 things then a 1,000 things and so on.

Within less than a month the initiative has gone global. From the USA, Canada, The Philippines to across Europe and the UK, people are joining in to save our planet.

Can You Help?

I am looking for support so if you'd like to help out or provide any sort of assistance in spreading the message, then please drop me a line on the
Contact page here.

Huge thank you in advance.

Simon Jordan