Talk for School in Devon


On 12th of July 2018 I had the pleasure of speaking to the children of Sidbury Primary School in Devon.

This is now my third talk for a school and I like to speak at their assembly because they are all there and bright and bushy tailed.

My talk usually lasts for no longer than 20 minutes including time for some questions.

I had some great feedback from the school. The headteacher sent me this.

"The children were really engaged in Simon's talk, he was extremely passionate, engaging and inspiring. It clearly had an impact on the children and they have been motivated to look after our planet and to think about their role within this; including being more mindful of single use plastic."

'They are the next generation...'

Speaking to children is great fun and they get it and really absorb the information. I heard that after the talk they went about creating posters and also told their parents not to buy straws or use single use plastic bags anymore which is great. They are the next generation and we need them to understand the mistakes that have already been made so they don't carry on.

I've got plans for more talks so watch this space.

If you'd like me to speak at your school drop me a line on the contact page
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Simon Jordan