The Abersoch Half Marathon for Captain Clear


Saturday 16th September 2017 – Captain Clear was unleashed on the world and the viewers of the Abersoch, North Wales Half Marathon.

Handing out leaflets along the way and asking people to be a hero he finally crossed the finish line and struggling with some chaffing. Note for the next half marathon. Make sure to try on the outfit before running any distance. Ouch!!

It was a great day and with lots of runners and I was the only one dressed in silly outfit. I was inspired by my fellow planet lovers Stinknormale Superhelden based over in Germany who dress up as super heroes and they have been huge supporters of the #5ThingsClear Initiative. So in honour of them I geared up and ran.

It was a slow run because of handing out the leaflets but it was great to talk to the supporters and hand out leaflets along the way and spread the word.

Here's to more events and more for Captain Clear.

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Simon Jordan