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With over 1.4 billion plastic bottles per day being sold around the globe and over 50,000,000 one-use plastic straws being used and thrown away in the UK and USA each day, this is really just the tip of the rather horrid nightmare that this planet is desperately trying to cope with.

Just picture that figure of plastic bottles per day then multiply that by 7 for a whole week. To be honest I can’t even contemplate that either. And a more frightening statistic is that a single plastic bottle takes about 200 years to breakdown. So all the plastic bottles I’ve ever used will still be here long after I’ve gone. Scary huh!


1.4 Billion
Plastic Bottles

are produced on the planet
every single day

I'm looking for #5ThingsClear heroes and asking you to pick up just 5 pieces of litter per day and if you wish, post an image of the 5 or more items and post on social media using the hashtag #5ThingsClear and fingers crossed this inspires your friends and family to do the same. Then dispose of the litter correctly.

This is our planet, our home so it's our time to step up and take responsibility before it's too late.

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Small Steps, Big

If We All Do Our Bit We Can All Make A Huge Difference

Pickup just 5 pieces of litter per day and together we can make a difference to save our planet and wildlife

Join in online – Take a selfie with the litter and make a public post on social media using the hashtag #5ThingsClear

Visit us at

Tugether We Can
Make A Differen

Can You Help?

I am looking for support so if you'd like to help out or provide any sort of assistance in spreading the message, then please drop me a line on the
Contact page here.

Huge thank you in advance.

Simon Jordan