Formed on 25th June 2017 with the mission to help clear the planet of litter 5 pieces at a time.
Through social media, it grew to a global initiative in less than 2 months, from the Philippines, Russia, across America, Canada, Africa, Europe and the UK.

From talks to schools, business and events I’m here to spread the word on how we can all make a difference to the planet and the wildlife.

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With over 1.4 billion plastic bottles per day being sold around the globe and over 50,000,000 one-use plastic straws being used and thrown away in the UK and USA each day, this is really just the tip of the rather horrid nightmare that this planet is desperately trying to cope with.

Just picture that figure of plastic bottles per day then multiply that by 7 for a whole week. To be honest I can’t even contemplate that either. And a more frightening statistic is that a single plastic bottle takes about 200 years to breakdown. So all the plastic bottles I’ve ever used will still be here long after I’ve gone. Scary huh!